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Tax Advisor vs. Online Tax Return: Which is Better?

You don´t need a tax advisor to submit your tax return.

Living in an era of innovative technology it seems old-fashioned to send tax forms by post. Yet many taxpayers are still taking their tax returns to the post office after spending hours desperately trying to fill in countless pages of chaotic paperwork. However, there is now a trouble-free online alternative.

In a few minutes the online tax assessment can be completed and sent through electronic transfer. You can find out here about even more advantages.

Enthusiastic Start

Submitting your tax form electronically eliminates the stress of completing chaotic paperwork. As you fill in the form an online calculator displays the tax refund you will receive.

Avoid making Errors

As you enter your data the tool checks it and highlights any errors. The software also provides useful suggestions such as the amount you can settle for.

Inconsistencies are Corrected

Simple errors with numbers or missing punctuation can lead to entering incorrect values or calculations. If the system detects that the format is incorrect you’ll be alerted and the inconsistency is immediately put right. It is helpful support that a paper form cannot provide.

Never forget Information

With our electronic system the most appropriate form for your situation will automatically be displayed. For instance, if you have children the online form will include a summary of any important facts regarding them. It is an ideal way to save you time by ensuring that you do not forget to include everything.

Zeit mit der Online-Steuererklärung sparen

Save Time

Sifting through pages of muddled paperwork is not only boring but annoying as it wastes hours of your valuable time. Our online tool helps you to save time by selecting only the questions that are relevant to your own particular situation. Our system saves you time by ignoring what is not required.

Data is Ready to Use

If you have already submitted a tax return in the previous year you simply use those details for this year’s form. It takes just a minute or two to provide an explanation that your information is not much different.

An Introductory Guide to Tax

If you have no idea how to get started our useful tax guide provides easy to understand answers to the most common questions. Our streamlined guide eliminates chaos as the provided fields allow you to easily enter details.

No Bureaucratic German Language

It is easy to see that the paper tax returns are full of complicated, bureaucratic German phrases which are difficult to understand. Our system uses only straightforward language that every taxpayer can recognise.

You can Deduct our Fee

The fee for using our online tool can simply be deducted from the tax return you submit the next year. It is a perfect method to save you money while providing useful assistance.

Cheaper than hiring a Tax Advisor

It is expensive to employ a tax advisor to fill in your tax form. Our system is an affordable alternative. By using our online tool you will save on your tax and the expense of hiring an accountant.

The Advantages of using wundertax

  • The online version automatically appears on the form
  • Simplified tax returns
  • Easy to understand and perfect for saving time
  • Includes any large sums or costs due
  • germantaxes.de is acknowledged by all of Germany’s tax departments

Is it worth it for you to file a tax return?