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Business Talk am Ku´damm
Business talk at Ku´damm with Daniel Hanemann, wundertax

Prepare your tax return online and maximize tax refunds. Why a tax return is also worthwhile for employees. Daniel Hanemann, Managing Director of wundertax GmbH, as a guest at the Business Talk at Ku'damm…

Guten Tag Alemania
Do immigrants and emigrants pay too much tax? with Roman Egoavil, wundertax

Roman, CMO of wundertax GmbH, enlightens the Spanish community: Do Latinos pay too much tax? What can Spanish migrants include in their tax return in Germany? And what is it like to work as a marketing manager in a German company?…

The Urban Tech VC
Role of taxes in urban environmentent: a founder’s view - Daniel Hanemann

…Why do taxes need to be considered in an urban context? Entrepreneurs see tax relief as a business driver…

wundertax Datenauswertung
wundertax data analysis: Are tax classes 3 + 5 still up to date?

…This trend is also confirmed by a data analysis by wundertax GmbH: Among the tax returns submitted via the wundertax tax apps in the form of a joint assessment, the proportion of tax class combinations 3 and 5 fell by almost 37 percent between 2018 and 2023!…

Creator Way
Eternally valid marketing learnings from 20+ companies in 8 years

In the interview with Daniel you will learn: why you should track EVERYTHING, why you absolutely need to know your KPIs, why it is important to stay flexible, involve your customers & followers, don't underestimate customer lifetime value!

Wirtschafts Woche
Wundertax: A tax return almost as if by magic

…What is striking about Wundertax is that the service is noticeably detached from the query logic of the tax forms and thus actually leads to the goal faster. On the other hand, Wundertax takes many shortcuts, offers previous year's values and lump sums usually accepted by the tax office directly…

Wundertax experiences: How our test with the online tax tool went

…The question-and-answer principle still works just as intuitively and we were able to complete the process even faster in the second year. After about 15 minutes, we were done with the preparation and were able to send the tax return…

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