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Your 2019 Tax Return: All important updates!

Tax laws change every year, whether it be higher lump sums, adjusted allowances, or tax reliefs. Taxpayers can easily lose track of the constant changes, which is why we compiled a list of all the important changes in the 2019 tax year for you.

Those who are well informed can earn a bigger tax return from their hard-earned salaries. We’re happy to clue you in on what changed in 2019’s tax return season.

The deadline for taxpayers who were required to file a 2020 tax return was July 31st, 2019, but those who file voluntarily have until December 31st, 2023.

New Submission Deadline: July 31st

Before tax year 2018, taxpayers required to submit their tax return only had until May 31st of the following year to file. This deadline was permanently extended until the end of July.

Tax exemption allowance increase

The basic tax-free allowance (Grundfreibetrag) increased by 160 euros to 9,168 euros in 2019. This value exists to insure all residents of Germany can sustain the minimum existence level. If your income doesn’t exceed the basic tax-free allowance, it is not taxed.

Child benefits adjustment

In July 2019, child benefits increased to 204 euros for your first and second child, 210 euros for your third child, and 235 euros for each additional child.

Amount of Children until June 30th, 2019 since July 1st, 2019 from January 1st, 2021
1 194 € 204 € 219 €
2 194 € 204 € 219 €
3 200 € 210 € 225 €
each additional child 225 € 235 € 250 €

Child allowance adjustment

In addition to child benefits, child allowances were also increased. Families with higher income benefit more from this than from child benefits. You can see the child allowances per child in the table below:

Year Allowance
2018 7,428 €
2019 7,620 €
2020 7,812 €
2021 8,388 €

Tax advantages for electric cars

Protecting the climate is important to us, which is why wundertax’s tax solution is climate-neutral. Others who feel the same may consider purchasing an electric car – the German government supports this decision by exempting electric cars from vehicle tax (KfZ-Steuer) until December 31st, 2030.

Save taxes now!

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