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Tax Return: Where is your local tax office?

Lack of Clarity with Terms of Responsibility with the Tax Offices.

After drawing up the tax return, the next challenge comes in knowing exactly which tax office is responsible for your case. Unknown to many, there are many tax offices around with at least one office in each city. Below is a guide on how to discover your tax officer and the people responsible for your case.

Lack of Clarity with Terms of Responsibility with the Tax Offices

It is not ultimately clear to understand and know which tax officer is responsible for a particular individual. The main problem is that the tax office must be entered as part of each income tax return. It is also very helpful to ensure the appropriate office in the space offered for ensuring fast and smooth processing.

As a rule of thumb, the tax office is in charge of someone in a particular district in which their place of residence can be located. This does not necessarily mean the end of it; however, there are other exceptions, which means exactly that.

Responsibility of Tax Office with Double Financial Management (Doppelte Haushaltsfühurng)

Any worker leading to two households for work with one located at the precise place of employment. This can be deducted as their expenses from the income-related expenses. Using the criteria, it is dependent on whether you are married or not. In case a taxpayer is married with two households, the tax office gains responsibility for the owner of the family home.

However, when one is not married, the office assumes responsibility for one who is located when one usually has as their predominant residence. This makes it possible for a second home.

Responsible Tax Office: Bundeswehr, Police, and Co.

In case of a worker working at Bundeswehr, the police or the federal police often lives in an accommodation which is away from their home in the course of the week. However, the principal place of residence maintains as the place of work; with this case, the tax office continues to be responsible for the one within the district of their own home.

Responsible Tax Office for a Move

Another consideration that should be looked at includes constant moving. This typically applies after a move after a move with the tax office responsible for people who are at the new place of residence. However, this is only when the office has been priory informed. Otherwise, it may occur that the previous tax return is still being processed through the office for the last jurisdiction.

Zuständiges Finanzamt bei einem Umzug

Responsible Tax Office for Divorce and Joint Assessment (Zusammenveranlagung)

It is hard to guarantee the longevity of a marriage in the long run. During the first phase of the divorce period, there is still the possibility of being invested together. There are couples that offer a joint income tax. Thereafter, the legislature is treated for both and also as a single person.

This means that the spouses also receive only one part of the tax assessment. A possible refund will, therefore, be also be transferred from one account and can never be split. You should be aware of all the rules that relate to the joint assessment.

In order to ensure you receive the tax assessment, one of the arts still has the moment of living to the former commonplace for residence. In case both parties move away, the tax office for the partner remains responsible for both with whom has higher revenues.

Responsible Tax Office for Self Employment (Selbstständigkeit)

In case anyone wants to start their own business or even begin an enterprise, the business must submit a report directly to the tax office. The responsible tax office remains located where the activity is expected to be carried out predominantly. Additionally, the tax office will send an additional tax number for the commercial or independent work.