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What are the reasons for a back payment? (Steuernachzahlung)

Many people immediately think of money when they hear the word tax return.

If a back payment threatens

You can quickly falter if a handsome tax back payment is required by the tax office. But what causes may cause the additional tax payment is so high? There are several reasons for this. Flat rates were not taken into consideration, special expenses (Werbungskosten) were not recognized or not all income tax expenses were stated in the tax return.

Note: Under the item “Feststellung” in the tax assessment (Steuerbescheid), there are detailed explanations of how the tax refund or repayment comes about.

  • Did you buy a laptop or a mobile phone?

  • Did you move last year for work?

  • Did you work less than 12 months last year?

  • Was your work commute more than 30 minutes?

  • Are you married with tax class III/V?

  • Did you pursue a further education?

  • Did you receive self-employment income?

You are required to file a tax return.

Filing your tax return is worth it! You will most likely get a very high tax refund.

You can expect a high tax refund.

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