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What does it mean to claim something on my tax return?

What exactly is that?

After the start of the new year, the annual wage tax assessments (Lohnsteuerjahresbescheid) are slowly but surely coming in. This contains information on wages, church tax, wage tax, and many other items for which either the employer or the employee himself has posted expenses or income.

Important forms should always be filed. The same goes for the income tax certificate (Lohnsteuerbescheinigungen). It will also help you to prepare your income tax return (Steuererklärung). It is the only way to get hundreds of euros back from the state.

In this context, one often speaks of “von der Steuer absetzen”. But what exactly is that? How does it work and can anyone get money back from the state by filing a tax return? We have looked at the phrase and have the answers.

Don’t be afraid of “deducting taxes”

Not everyone can explain what the “tax deduction” is all about. But don’t fret! There’s nothing to hide as the tax official examines the income tax return. They add all expenses together and deducts them from the income. The difference must be taxed. With deductible items, however, the amount can be influenced in favour of the taxpayer.

Items that can be deducted from tax

Many expenses incurred within a calendar year can be claimed in the tax return. These can be divided into several categories.

The three most relevant deductible categories are

  • Business expenses (Werbungskosten): these are expenses incurred in the course of a professional activity, such as travel expenses, application costs, further training, etc.
  • Special expenses (Sonderausgaben): private costs can also be claimed for tax purposes; e.g. school fees, donations or insurance contributions.
  • Exceptional charges (Außergewöhnliche Belastungen): Medical costs, nursing home costs, maintenance payments, etc. all fall into this category.

Kosten von der Steuer absetzen

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