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Do your own 2019 tax declaration - fast, online and personal

Every year, your tax declaration is waiting for you.

Every year, your tax declaration is waiting for you. In order to make this chore easier, many taxpayers still go to a tax advisor, who charges a high fee, even if the tax return isn’t particularly difficult. You can save yourself this money.

Not only does the right tax software on germantaxes.de make it easier to file your taxes faster online and submit it directly to the respective tax office, but it also provides many more advantages over an expensive tax consultant:

  • no complicated tax forms (Steuerformulare)
  • information is automatically inserted into the form
  • ideally suited for those who have little time and aren’t very familiar with the subject
  • all costs and flat rates (Pauschalen) that arise professionally are taken into consideration
  • the tax calculators shows you at any time whether or not it is worthwhile for you

File your taxes yourself

Just a few minutes to success. It is especially worthwhile for employees to submit a tax return. Employees receive an average of € 900 and € 1,000 back from the state. This is due in particular to the fact that the tax office deducts allowances (Freibeträge) and flat rates (Pauschalen) that have a tax-reducing effect.

But what about advertising costs (Werbungskosten), special expenses (Sonderausgaben), medical expenses (Gesundheitskosten), donations (Spenden) and and and? Often times, there are expenses that occur during the course of the year that need to be reported to the respective tax office. For those of you intimidated by filing taxes, you’ll just have to bite the sour apple.

Advantages of tax software

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to file your taxes yourself. What many do not realize is that they don’t have to have special tax experience in order to get a tax refund. It just doesn’t pay to hire a tax consultant for a general tax declaration.

A tax return can be submitted online via the government tax software ELSTER, but the online forms (Steuerformulare) are often incomprehensible and they use a jargon that often times comes off as gibberish and seems strange.

Therefore, it is would be adventageous to you to try another tax program, which does require a small fee, but in the end, it makes life a lot easier. Those with little experience are in good hands here. The greatest advantage on an online tool is being able to create your own optimised tax declaration. At the end of the tax declaration, the income tax return is electronically submitted to the respective tax office via the ELSTER interface, like the government tax software as well.

What distinguishes wundertax

You can do your own taxes online with the wundertax software at germantaxes.de without having to go to tax classes and you can submit your tax return online to your respective tax office in just minutes.

While you are entering your information into our “easy-to-understand” templates, you are able to follow how much your tax refund will be with our tax calculator and you’ll know whether or not filing your taxes is worthwhile for you. In addition to the numerous flat rates (Pauschalen) that are intgrated into our tool, a lot of other expenses can be deducted.

These are, for example

  • Telephone and Internet costs
  • Insurance
  • Moving expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Child care
  • Household services
  • Application documents
  • Union dues
  • Healthcare costs
  • Home office
  • Pensions
  • Voluntary work
  • Renovation costs
  • etc.

The best would be to try it and convince yourself! Doing your own taxes - it’s easier today than it ever has been.

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