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File your tax return today

It's always worth it to file your tax return. Employees receive an average tax refund of 1.072 euros!

It’s usually not worth it to pay expensive services to do something for you when it can be easily done yourself. For example, when ordering IKEA furniture, most people opt to build it themselves rather than pay expensive fees to have it done for them. Why should it be any different with tax returns?

Why pay for an expensive tax consultant to file your tax return? We’ll show you that it’s not as difficult as you think. Using wundertax’s simple tax solution, simply enter your individual values and complete your tax return inexpensively in just 17 minutes.

Filing your tax return individually

It’s almost always worth it to file your tax return. According to the Federal Office of Statistics, employees receive an average tax refund of 1.072 euros due to tax deductions - so why miss out on such a big pay out?

There are many deductible expenses that help lower your tax burden and increase your tax refund including income-related expenses, medical expenses, donations, extraordinary expenses, and the list goes on. You may be thinking that it’s too difficult to deal with all of these tricky terms and forms yourself, but don’t worry, wundertax makes it easy for you.

Advantages of using wundertax’s online tool

Using the government’s ELSTER software to submit your tax return can lead to confusion due to difficult tax jargon that is incomprehensible to the average person. This is why we recommend switching to an alternative online tool such as wundertax which has been designed for those with no prior tax knowledge. This helps you to optimize your tax return while not missing any possible deductible expenses, then safely transmit it to the tax office electronically according to ELSTER’s data protection standards.

What sets us apart?

We offer our customers an easy-to-understand tax interview that ensures the highest possible tax refund, and thanks to our live tax calculator, you can see your estimated refund every step of the way.

More advantages include

  • When you enter your values in the interview, it is automatically inserted into the correct form - no more dealing with tons of forms yourself!
  • Suitable for those with little time who are unfamiliar with tax jargon
  • We take all lump sumps and allowances into account
  • We are recognized by all German tax authorities

We ensure that all possible expenses are deducted, including:

  • Telephone and internet costs
  • Insurances
  • Travel expenses
  • Childcare costs
  • Household services
  • Job application costs
  • Union fees
  • Healthcare costs
  • Studying expenses
  • Retirement provisions
  • Voluntary work expenses
  • Renovation and upgrade costs
  • Etc.

Try out wundertax and you’ll see - making a tax return can be as simple as sending an e-mail!