Retirement provision

Retirement and pensions are liable to taxation. Pensions are taxed in full, while retirement pay is only taxed proportionally.

The taxable portion of a statutory pension my vary. The percentage varies depending on the start of the pension. The beginning of retirement is the time when the pension entitlement begins. Additional information about this can be found in the pension notice.

Pensions from private insurance are also taxed. This applies in particular to the so-called profit share. These forms of pension include long-term disability insurance, accident insurance and private pension insurance.

What's taxed:

  • statutory pensions: the percentage varies depending on when retirement begins
  • private pensions: e.g. long-term disability insurance
  • Occupational pensions: A company pension is when the employer offers retirement benefits. - These include direct commitments, direct insurance, pension funds, pension schemes, relief fund
  • Pensions: are taxed in full
  • Riester pensions
  • Rürup pensions